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SolusVM is a fast, streamlined way to deploy and manage bare-bones cloud/VPS services - ideal for developers and other users that need simple, powerful virtual servers. SolusVM was acquired by OnApp in September 2014. It has full support for OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Para virtualization and Xen HVM support. SolusVM allows you and your clients to manage a VPS cluster with security & ease.

Solus VM for your Hosting Business


Xen, KVM and OpenVZ pool of machines managed from a centralized system.


Both Administrator as well and end customer has the ability to manage VMs.


Robust integration with WHMCs, Hostblill, Blesta and other popular billing system.


Create front-end styles and custom operating system templates.

How Supportlobby manages your SolusVM Environment?

SolusVM Infrastructure Implementation

Based on the requirement of the client, we will deploy the SolusVM with the required Virtualization such as Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, etc, chosen. Team will co-ordinate with the datacentre regarding the Hardware requirements, Host Node OS installation and partitioning and storage management.

VPS provisioning and post configurations

With use of templates, our team help to achieve faster VM provisioning. Post configurations of guest OS, such as Control panels (Plesk/cPanel) and various service level configurations (IIS/Apache/Nginx, Databases, Mail services) and custom application installs are all taken care by our team.

VPS Management

All aspects of VPS management such as reboots, updates & patches, resource (CPU/RAM, Hard Disk) management, IP management, Backup & Restore, VPS performance optimizations are all taken care by our team for a seamless hosting experience for your customer.

Host Node Management

Optimizing the Host Node from base kernel level, I/O optimization, efficient CPU and RAM allocation to VPS within the underlying Hypervisor used, regular updates and upgrades of OS packages for maximum efficiency.

SolusVM Management

This includes management of your customer VPS accounts, Updates or upgrades of SolusVM itself, creation of new templates with pre-installed and configured Control panel (Plesk/cPanel) for easy auto-deployment, setting optimal SolusVM configurations, etc.


Our team help you to migrate VMs between SolusVM environments which might have different Storage management in place. We also migrations from other platform for maximum compatibility of running applications for your customers.

Compliance to Security policy

Our team regularly audit the Guest systems of any platform for any kind of abuse behaviour such as phishing, spamming, Trojans/Virus or even complete VM compromise and take proactive & corrective actions. Host systems are audited for latest security patches and updates to keep vulnerabilities at bay.

Backups and Disaster management

Backups are essential in case of a disaster strike and hence we help to achieve a backup scenario for Host and VPSs that are readily available and are audited as per schedule for integrity and reliability. Our team of experts are available round the clock for recovery from emergency issues as well.

24/7 round the clock Monitoring

We have our own in-house systems that will integrate with your SolusVM environment giving us a bird's eye view on all essential services of your VPS instances which helps to take proactive measures before anything goes wrong.

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No matter any issues arises, our support will be there 24/7, proactively managing the platform.


Your virtualization platform is handled by our expert engineers who has years of experience in managing complex platforms.

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If you are planning to choose which virtualization to go for, don't worry, we got you covered on almost all platforms.

Data Integrity

Plan with our engineers who will deliver the best secure, reliable and efficient services to your customers.

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