Agile server management
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Protect your mission-critical data with the highest levels of availability and security through our exclusive server management offerings. The experts at Supportlobby handle all of the server management aspects such as monitoring, optimization, backup audits, migrations and security solutions so that you can focus on other IT priorities

Server Management complexity slows down responses to ever-evolving business needs. More focusing on your business means lowering the relative cost of administrating the servers, round the clock. To do that, you need server management team that delivers new levels of automation, simplicity, and security – freeing resources to focus on revenue generating activities.

Flexible Server management plans delivered by 24/7/365 team

When you choose Supportlobby Server Management Service, you get more than a team of experts from the company known for managing thousands of business critical infrastructure servers spread across hosting, Enterprise and Cloud Services.

Managed Services Offered by Supportlobby

Windows or Linux Server Management

24/7/365 access to experts who can help you design, optimize and secure your server or VPS application and infrastructure, running either Windows or Linux, hence improving your customer experience across leading eCommerce or any web content management platforms.

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Backups & Disaster Recovery

Keep your critical business data running consistently and at high performance levels with our backup and disaster recovery service; a comprehensive, proactive, guaranteed maintenance plan, offered by Supportlobby.

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Database Clustering

Deploy standalone, replicated or clustered databases to the technology stack of your choice; bare-bone servers, private or public clouds or containers, with Automate failovers, recovery with Unified and comprehensive realtime monitoring of your entire database and server infrastructure.

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HAProxy Load Balancing

Host your business critical workloads by distributing workloads across multiple servers which provides high availability at the network (TCP) and application (HTTP/S) layers, improving speed and performance and resource usage.

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We have the right migration solution to meet  various data movement needs.  Our migration plan provides dependable, no-downtime migrations for a single or multi-tenant servers or across various platforms including public or private clouds and enterprise servers.

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Server Security Audit

Every day, your business is at risk for a security or data breach. Hence we offer proactive detection and remediation against Cyber threats that target any part of your business, guaranteed by our team of security experts

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Server Service Optimization

We take your hosted Business performance to its peak level, offering various optimizations cloaked at various server services, providing robust resiliency and high availability, and thus improving customer experience across your provided service.

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Supportlobby, As your trusted support service partner, what we can offer

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Whatever your requirements are,our experience will help you to achieve it.


Experience our planned approach for your server management needs to get the maximum benefit.

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You can count on our proactive management so that your business is covered 24/7 nonstop.

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Emergency support for your on-demand issues are always covered.