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OnApp provides a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) software platform for hosting companies, cloud providers and managed service providers.

With OnApp, every service provider can create a wide range of cloud, dedicated hosting, CDN, DNS and storage services on top of commodity datacenter infrastructure; automate them completely through one control panel; and extend them on demand. However, managing all those services for your customers is a daunting task and here at Supportlobby our expert team can take over those tasks, keeping your Onapp infrastructure running 24/7 and servicing your customer business needs.

How do Supportlobby manage your Onapp cloud?

OnApp features a very simple to use web based GUI that is built on proven virtualization technologies

Onapp Configuration & Deployment

We analyse your requirements, design and implement Onapp Cloud from scratch choosing the best for the network, data storage or SAN, Hypervisor and integration with the client billing portals.

Operation Automations & Security

Our engineers use various automation methods to streamline your Onapp cloud hosting, like Creation of users based on roles, permissions and efficient client account management, provisioning of VMs of any platform creation of VM templates for quick auto provisioning. We also ensure that your cluod hosting meets the Industry standard Security Compliance.

Monitoring and Performance

Our top expert team will be available round the clock 24/7/365, continuously monitoring your Onapp Cloud stack, providing proactive management. Our automation ensures that you cloud stack can endure and scale on demand for customer requirements providing a seamless hosting experience.

Onapp Key Features

Onapp Powered Infrastructure with Cloud-like Agility.

Leverage Bare-Metal

With Onapp technology, you can sell bare metal servers with high performance and resiliency at application level providing that stability for the Cloud Hosting.

Software Defined Storage

Expand the storage by adding discs with asymmetric scalability providing enhanced flexibility and fine granular control level at application level.

Private – Hybrid Cloud

Build you cloud of choice for your market, get the maximum ROI with scale on demand.


OnApp CDN lets you create your own public or private content delivery network for web content, OTT video & software delivery.

Disaster recovery

OnApp DRaaS adds real-time replication and restore to your cloud for mission-critical workloads – with leading RTO/RPO metrics.

Robust Backups

Support for easy snapshot creation, template conversion and having incremental and enhanced backup with real-time replication and restoration.

Hire our expert Support for your Onapp Cloud Platform

Expert Support

Peace of mind when you know that our expert Onapp Engineers are behind your Onapp Stack, 24/7 with Industry Standard SLA and Monitoring.

Cost Optimization

Continual Analysing and optimization strategies of Onapp stack and adaption of new features so that you get the maximum value for your Onapp Investment.


We provide advanced monitoring, custom data policy management, and solution governance to meet security and compliance needs.

Disaster Recovery

Strategic Roadmap to ensure that your Business continuity whether on Onapp Stack or with Hybrid Cloud Deployment.

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