24/7 Outsourced
Helpdesk support
for your Hosting
Let us handle all your customer questions from your Helpdesk freeing up you for your tasks

Helpdesk support finds itself as one of the points of contacts where the customers reach you for support related questions that drive in more business. Hence you should definitely have a robust team to keep track of the incoming support requests and make timely replies and resolutions adhering to the SLA that you promote. If you are aware of the number of tickets that are created in the helpdesk and not looking for proactive server support, the Helpdesk support plans ( per ticket plan ) will suit you the best. This plan covers all the normal helpdesk tickets related to the Web server, Email services, Database or DNS issues, etc. We even have our own Helpdesk monitoring systems in place which ensures that all of the support questions raised by your end customers are attended by our team and resolved.

What we do for a more efficient enduser support

24×7 Helpdesk Support

Linux and Windows Support

Unlimited Servers

Presales Support

100 % White labled Support

30 min response time

No canned Response

5 Days free trial

Support for L1 and L2 issues

4 hour resolution time

Unlimited Domains/server

Support all control panels

Plans and Pricing

Ticket Slab
  • 10 tickets per month
  • 30 tickets per month
  • 50 tickets per month
  • 100 tickets per month
  • 150 tickets per month
  • Above 150 tickets
  • $50 ( 5 USD per ticket )
  • $120 ( 4USD per ticket )
  • $175 ( 3.5 USD per ticket )
  • $300 ( 3 USD per ticket )
  • $420 ( 2.8 USD per ticket )
  • Contact us for Quote

** combine the Hourly management plans and Server monitoring plans for nominal charges.

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