Your Cloud backed by
Google Infrastructure

Planning to move workloads onto Google Cloud Platform? We got you covered. Built on one of the largest Software defined Platform, and the one powering the Google Services Worldwide, hosting your Business on Google Cloud will provide you everything that is needed to build and scale your Cloud workloads globally.

Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform

How Supportlobby expands your cloud workload on Google Platform

Expert Google Cloud Consulting

We help you identify the best Google cloud solution that fits your unique needs. Need to re-architect your GCP configuration Or lift-and-shift up to GCP? Want to migrate to Kubernetes? Would a continuous deployment pipeline accelerate your product development? We've got the skills and experience to make it simple and painless. Arrive at a cloud strategy tailored for your technology infrastructure via our consulting and advisory services and we will continue to collaborate with you as your business expands.

Placement and Migration

From the definition of Google cloud architecture to its direct implementation, we offer specific solutions that provide the maximum flexibility, scalability, and automation of your systems. We provide you with the most efficient and quick way to migrate to the Google Cloud environment. With our in-house Google Cloud Experts, we will make sure that to reduce, and even eliminate, the downtime of your systems in the migration process.

Continuous operational Improvements and Security

Our process is not stopped just by migration. Our team will do continuous audits to make sure that your Cloud Workload is working at its optimum output. We continuously optimize platforms and provide maximum flexibility through the automating of cloud infrastructure. Through this work, your infrastructure will automatically and quickly adapt to the needs of your company at every moment. We regularly perform cloud security audits to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities thus ensuring maximum privacy and continuity of your systems at all times.

Cost Optimization and High Availability Environments

Every business needs continuous availability and hence we will make sure that your cloud workload can scale in case of any issues or anything on demand, providing the best disaster recovery and backup options. For maximum ROI, we design highly flexible Google Cloud infrastructures that are able to adjust the used resources to the actual demand thus optimizing your costs to the maximum. And plug in our proactive monitoring and support, thus providing you peace of mind.

Google Cloud Platforms Products

APP Engine

Compute Engine

Container Engine

Cloud Storage

Cloud Datastore

Cloud SQL

Cloud Bigtable

Big Query

Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud End Points

Translate API

Prediction API

Why Google Cloud Platform

Scale to Millions of Users

Your application can scale instantly to millions of users world-wide with the very backbone of the well renowned software defined infrastructure that Google runs on, powering other Google Services and take advantage of the latest Innovative features when they are released.

Industry Grade Security

Deploy on an infrastructure protected by more than 500 tops experts in information, application, and network security. Google Cloud Platform complies with top certifications, like ISO 27001, SOC 2/3, and PCI DSS 3.0.

Unified Performance Monitoring

Google Cloud infrastructure keeps count on that every nano seconds of your cloud workload, providing consistent and raw Computational power coupled with auto-scaling on demand.

Integrated Services

Anything your Workload demands, from big Data Analytics to High End Machine learning Artificial Intelligence, Google Cloud has it all, with the availability to launch it anytime, anywhere instantly.

Focus on your Business

Your Cloud Workload are backed up by the Google Machines and hence you can relax and get back to focus on your core Business Activities with peace of mind, where the whole system administration is handled by our expert team.

24/7 Support

Managing the Cloud Environment is a definite hassle for you if you don’t have a dedicated team. Our Team of experts manages and administer your Google cloud 24/7 with proactive monitoring ensures which ensures our Business continuity with Industry standard SLA.

Our Fantastic Support brings out the maximum from your Google Cloud Investment

Expert Support

Peace of mind when you know that our expert Google Engineers are behind your Google Stack, 24/7 with Industry Standard SLA and Monitoring.

Cost Optimization

Continual Analysing and optimization strategies of Google stack and adaption of new features so that you get the maximum value for your Google Cloud Investment.


We provide advanced monitoring, custom data policy management, and solution governance to meet security and compliance needs.

Disaster Recovery

Strategic Roadmap to ensure that your Business continuity on Google Cloud Platform or on a Hybrid Environemnt.

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