Database Clustering
for high availability,
performance and

An Intelligent way to host your Database Workloads

Supportlobby helps in hosting several of your databases in a cluster solution, providing more cost-efficient ways to achieve higher levels of performance and availability. Chat with an expert today about how we can address your challenges with a clustered database solution that is tailored to your needs and your budget.

Optimized Performance

Cluster solution customized to its specific workload and use

High Availability

Clustered servers with load balancing, failover solution tailored for your workload

Storage Redundancy

Various storage solutions that can be deployed with redundancy and replication.

What are Database Clusters

Keep databases consistent and available at all times. Database Clustering is the process of running your databases on more than one interconnected servers that provides redundancy, high-availability and consistent performance. This is also ensured by failover to redundant hot copies of your data in the event of your active database failing. Database clustering is used by many mission critical applications.

Features of Database Clustering

Data Redundancy

The interconnected servers will store data amongst each other resulting in a synchronised data, where each server has the same exact data as all other servers.

Load Balancing & High Availability

Load balancing distributes the workload among the participating cluster servers as well as ensures high availabilitity of your database among servers even in case of one or two cluster servers going down.

Monitoring & Automation

Cluster solution helps to automate various processes of the day-to-day database activities and also pro-actively monitor and act upon.

Clustering solution we support

MySQL Clustering

An efficient MySQL Cluster solution for your databases serving various hosted applications.

MSSQL Clustering

Custom tailored MSSQL Clustering for those mission critical workloads with high resiliency and availability.

Galera Clustering

Galera clustering solution which provides high system uptime, no data loss, and scalability.

Talk to an expert

Contact us for free assistance in understanding your needs and how a clustered solution might address them. Clustered solutions are delivered by a dedicated Technical Agent, with the support of our Solutions Architects and Advanced Sysadmins.