Business, nowadays has a wide variety of Cloud platforms to choose from and they are constantly changing with a lot of new innovative services launched. Hence we understand your dilemma on what to choose, how to start and how to provide the end user support. Any cloud platform you choose, chances are that we have already covered it and our valuable experience will provide you the benefit of choosing the right cloud platform for your business if you are looking for one.

Knowing which cloud service model is appropriate for you is much like the decision between public, private, hybrid or Multi-cloud. Understanding what your organization really needs in the requirements-gathering phase, whether it is convenience or complete control, goes a long way to making the decision and this is where Supportlobby helps you in making that accurate decision for your business.

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What is your choice of Cloud platforms

Public Cloud

Public Cloud is an ideal platform where you can manage your enterprise apps that has unpredictable traffic or contains public facing non-sensitive information. Driven by the innovation offered by the public platform along with cost effective 'pay-as-you-go' model, and also utilizing the cloud capabilities for modernizing your application and reducing IT costs drastically.

Amazon Web Services

Grow your business on AWS with our certified AWS professionals

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Microsoft Azure

Get your apps to market faster with Azure cloud services

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Google Cloud Platform

Run your applications on the same infrastructure that Google uses

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Private Cloud

In Private Cloud, you can use the scalability and resiliency of the public cloud, with greater level of control and security in a single-tenant dedicated environment. Private Cloud can be hosted on your own premises hardware or on a service-provider data center where you have your own dedicated racks and hardware.

VMWare Private Cloud

Delivering consistent infrastructure and consistent operations.

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Onapp Cloud

Onapp gives you a complete cloud management platform.

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OpenStack Cloud

Implement your cloud infrastructure on one of the leading private Cloud platform.

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Apache Cloud Stack

Open source cloud computing software for Cloud infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud

An environment where you combine private and public clouds, such as OpenStack, AWS or Azure and a single-tenant dedicated environment . You will get the benefit of the 'pay-as-you-go' mode of public cloud, the security and granular control of the private cloud for business-critical applications and then the ultra fast performance and reliability of bare-metal dedicated machines.

Multi Cloud

Multi-Cloud is an environment which relies upon multiple public or private cloud vendors such as Amazon Web services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or Openstack. A typical scenario is where your application needs large pools of compute resources from private cloud and at the same time, it needs to quickly scale on a public cloud as per demand. This environment avoids vendor lock-ins creating redundancy and helps to run workloads on different platforms where it performs best.

Whatever be your cloud platform, we have you covered 24/7. With our expertise on all leading platforms, we can put your application or your hosting needs on cloud without any hassle.

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