Cloud support services

For your cloud journey, our professional services team is the right companion.

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DevOps consulting services

Speed up "going to the market" process and continuously improve product quality, by making it scalable and reliable.

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Server support services

With 12 years of industry experience and latter-day technical expertise, we can manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations of your infrastructure.

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24x7 support

Providing process-driven customer service to end users which is reliable and cost-effective.

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Why choose Supportlobby

Immediate start up

You can avoid support startup delays. Once you signup, our engineers start working for you right away.

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Support For Cloud Infrastructure

Supportlobby cloud consultancy team helps you with planning, building and managing cloud environments.

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Proactive server management

Our engineers continuously monitor to identify any issues on your servers before they become full-grown problems.

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In-depth industry knowledge

Experience of over 12 years has sculptured us with the ability to handle complex and unique requirements.

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24x7x365 Availability

Our Engineers are in and around working for you providing service 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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Complete transparency

Consider us as your extended support team. We work for you as your own inhouse support under your guidelines.

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Webhosting support

Your company is backed by expert support engineers. We will keep running your IT Business infrastructure intact 24x7, providing the promised SLA to your end customers.

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Cloud services

Any cloud platform you choose, chances are that we have already covered it and our valuable experience will provide you the benefit of choosing the right cloud platform for your business.

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Virtualization Services

Virtualization is rapidly transforming the IT landscape. Whatever be your choice of virtualization, our engineers have the required experience to host your business on the platform.

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Enterprise Application Support

To help in driving mission-critical business efficiencies within your organization, we support your enterprise system software to optimize, tune and update and also ensuring that its delivering the highest level of operational performance.

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Server Management

Get the vigorous 24/7 technical server support delivered to your table, with comprehensive consulting, flexible and cost efficient support services, thereby helping you manage your servers that deal with the critical information of your business.

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DevOps Services

Acquire greater agility and effective automation with our DevOps Team, bringing together the continuous integration and continuous delivery model which ensures that your business can seamlessly handle development & testing in less time.

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How Supportlobby delivers its promise

We have custom tailored plans suitable for all types of Hosting business. Whether you are a starter in hosting business with few servers, or running few mid-sized hosting servers or have a fleet of servers within multiple data centers, we ensure that we got you covered on each step of hosting business. We provide you with three-tier support provisions with reasonable pricing to choose from, which ensures that you get the exact granular level of support quality for your end customers.


Dedicated Team

Our premium plan includes your own White labeled dedicated team that works exclusively for you, just like your own staff working from your office. Your policy and choices dictates how and when they should work for you.

Best Suited for Data Centers and Medium-Large sized web hosts.

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Semi-dedicated Team

Semi-dedicated team manages two to three clients. Hence if you are looking for a super efficient team, but not yet ready for a full fledged dedicated team and want more priority and features than a shared team, this plan suits you very well.

Best suited for medium and large sized web hosts.

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Shared Team

Shared team will be working for a pool of clients answering helpdesk tickets and managing servers. If you are looking for a low cost server management plan with good quality support, then shared team is best suited for you.

Bests suited for a Startup web hosting business.

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